Unreported judgments of the Supreme Court of Tasmania from 1985 to the present are available on AustLII (Australian Legal Information Institute). While the Court aims to have complete coverage there are some decisions that still need to be checked because of identity issues before they can be sent to AustLII.

From 1 January 2010 appeal judgments began to be published using citations which identify the relevant court. For example (note these are not actual citations):

Full Court: Smith v Jones [2010] TASFC 1

Court of Criminal Appeal: State of Tasmania v Smith ]2010] TASCCA 1

Searching for Judgments on AustLII:

The Supreme Court does not publish its judgments on the court web site. To search for Tasmanian judgments on  AustLLI use the links below:

If a judgment is not listed in the List of Recent Decisions try clicking on the Refresh or Reload Button in your Browser to make sure you are viewing the latest version of the web page.

Sometimes judgments can be withheld because of pending legal action and the Court will also take down judgments for a period of time if it is appropriate. Where a judgment is removed there will be a cover note in its place explaining the reason for the removal of the judgment.

When AustLII allocated Medium Neutral citations for all Tasmanian judgments published before 1998 this created some confusion as lawyers were often referring to the AustLII Medium Neutral citation while judges were looking at the original court numbered judgment. Citations for 1985-1998 judgments – Supreme Court Judgments (Tas) provides a list of parallel citations. It is arranged alphabetically by name of case, followed by the court number, the relevant AustLII citation and also the citation for any cases that have been reported.

Jade BarNet

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Subscription services

Tasmanian Unreported Judgments are also available through the LexisNexis and Thomsons Unreported Judgments subscription services. LexisNexis coverage is similar to AustLII and Thomsons commences in 1999.