The Probate Registry

The Probate Registry deals with all applications for Grants of Probate and Administration of deceased estates in Tasmania.

It is responsible for determining, on application for a Grant:

  • what document or documents constitute the last Will of the deceased; and/or
  • who is entitled to be the personal representative (Executor/Administrator) of the deceased.

Deceased Estates

When a person dies leaving assets in Tasmania, somebody (usually the personal representative of that person) has to deal with the person’s estate.

Generally this will involve:

  • identifying, collecting and gathering in all the assets of the deceased;
  • paying any outstanding debts and necessary expenditure such as funeral expenses; and
  • distributing the estate to the persons entitled to it.

In order to perform these tasks a Grant may be required.

The Supreme Court of Tasmania has exclusive jurisdiction in Tasmania to make orders in relation to:

  • the validity of a Will of a deceased person;
  • appointment of an Executor or an Administrator; and
  • the administration of deceased estates.