Notices of Intention to Apply

This page contains a list of the current Notices of Intention to Apply for a Grant or Reseal of a Grant.

This page is updated daily, at approximately 10 am, by Probate Registry staff.

If you wish to publish a Notice please visit the Information Kits page to find out how.

Important information

Creditors of the estate are required to send particulars of their claims to the address for service stated in the Notice.

You may object to a Grant issuing by entering a caveat in the Probate Registry. For more information please visit the Caveats page and/or speak to a lawyer.

This page contains a searchable table of Notices of Intention to Apply for 2021 only. Links to earlier notices can be found in the Archived Notices links in the right hand menu of this page.

ACKERLEY Melba Amelia20/01/2021
ADAMS John20/01/2021
AULICH David Geoffrey20/01/2021
GAMBLE Colleen Margaret20/01/2021
GOLDING Dawn Mary20/01/2021
LORD Dorothy Helen20/01/2021
MORLING John Robert20/01/2021
RHODES Lawry James20/01/2021
WHYTE Beryl Audrey20/01/2021
WRIGHT Larraine Phyllis20/01/2021
BUCHAN Alexander James19/01/2021
DILGER Paul Christian19/01/2021
FROST Clive Alistair19/01/2021
GOONAN Russell Thomas19/01/2021
HALL Douglas19/01/2021
JENSEN Keitha Frances19/01/2021
MAYS Rex Douglas19/01/2021
MORLING Gary Charles19/01/2021
PENNICOTT Michael Stuart19/01/2021
ROACH Jeffrey Alan19/01/2021
SCHAFFNER Megan Helen19/01/2021
TALSMA Maaike19/01/2021
ALSOP Olaf Paul18/01/2021
BILLING Kevin George18/01/2021
BRADFORD Beverley Merle18/01/2021
CLARKE Zena18/01/2021
COATMAN Sheila Mary18/01/2021
COGHLAN Joy Rosalind18/01/2021
DALE, Graham James18/01/2021
EDWARDS Jeffrey Frederick18/01/2021
GARDE John Joseph18/01/2021
HOOPER David Andrew18/01/2021
MCPHERSON Kay Lesley18/01/2021
PRIOR Wayne Ronald18/01/2021
ROPER Audrey Mary18/01/2021
TUNKS Geoffrey18/01/2021
ANNING Lindley Clive15/01/2021
BROOK Robert Colin15/01/2021
BUCK Geraldine15/01/2021
DAVIDSON Terry John15/01/2021
DEIMOS Richard John15/01/2021
GADD Kate Maree15/01/2021
MARTIN Kitty15/01/2021
PURDON Allan John15/01/2021
ROOKE Garry John15/01/2021
HOBSON Eliza Vera14/01/2021
HOLDEN-MCARDLE Mary Josephine14/01/2021
ROSS Barbara Helen14/01/2021
WYLD Colin14/01/2021
BROWN Patricia Fay13/01/2021
JAMES Frances Chiquita13/01/2021
MACFETTERS Peter Mitchell13/01/2021
MCLENNAN Scott Charles13/01/2021
SMITH Edward Leslie13/01/2021
TANNER Helen Hawley13/01/2021
WHITE John Cyril13/01/2021
ALLEN Barry12/01/2021
BESWICK Laurie Owen12/01/2021
BRETHERTON Ellen Mary12/01/2021
HOUSE Noel William12/01/2021
MCCULLAGH Lisa Margaret12/01/2021
PEARCE Alfred Ernest12/01/2021
SPURR Robert Alan12/01/2021
STRAFKOS Konstantina12/01/2021
TERRY Ian George12/01/2021
BLUNDSTONE Patricia Anne11/01/2021
CHAPLAIN Graham John11/01/2021
CHERRY Audrey Mary11/01/2021
GILLAM Anthony William Henry11/01/2021
HARVEY Anne Margaret11/01/2021
HURST Jennifer Anne11/01/2021
MELLERS Kenneth11/01/2021
NICHOLS Brendan Vaughan11/01/2021
PERCEY Nina June11/01/2021
PERRY Gregory Malcolm11/01/2021
THORNE Reita Mary11/01/2021
CRAWSHAW Robert Peter08/01/2021
HARPER David Edward08/01/2021
HOOKWAY Bruce Arthur08/01/2021
NIGHTINGALE Mary Eleanor08/01/2021
O'DONNELL Robert Montgomery08/01/2021
POTTS Maureen08/01/2021
ROUND Lorna Mary08/01/2021
STEWART Anthony Wayne08/01/2021
ADAMS Gwendolyn Isabelle Irene07/01/2021
BYRNE Elaine Olive07/01/2021
GROOMBRIDGE John Nicholas07/01/2021
HEAZLEWOOD Barbara Lynn07/01/2021
CURTIS Jack William06/01/2021
EATON Margaret06/01/2021
GOOLD Brian Alfred06/01/2021
LAWRENCE Kevin06/01/2021
MASON Cyril Francis06/01/2021
PRICE Dorothy Pearl06/01/2021
SINCLAIR Rodney Andrew06/01/2021
TOTH Ronald Ian06/01/2021
TREGONING Kenneth Richard06/01/2021
MATTERS Clem Patrick George05/01/2021
SALTER Antonina Gabriel05/01/2021
DAVISON Margaret Ann04/01/2021
EDWARDS Terence John04/01/2021
HEALEY Lillian Pearl04/01/2021
MACE Steven Terence04/01/2021
PETERS Eileen04/01/2021
POLDEN John Kingsford04/01/2021
WHITEHOUSE Albert Lyle04/01/2021