Jury Selection

From the persons assembled for jury service, names will be drawn at random. If your name is called you should answer and take your place in the jury box.

The accused and the Crown have a right to nominate that they do not wish certain potential jurors to serve on the jury. No reason need be given for this. If you are challenged or asked to stand aside you leave the jury box and take a seat in the back of the court room. The fact that you may be challenged or stood aside is not a personal reflection upon you; it may be for any number of reasons. The selection process continues until twelve jurors have been finally selected and taken the juror’s oath or affirmation.

If you are stood aside or challenged, this does not necessarily mean that you will not be required for another trial so please do not think that you need not attend should this occur.

Coming to Court for Jury Service – How it Works

Being Selected and Serving on a Jury

Payments of expenses