For Employers

Can an employer apply for a staff member to be excused?

Yes, an employer can apply for a staff member to be excused. However, they will still need to fill out the Statutory Declaration form on the back of your summons explaining the problem.

This should be accompanied by a written statement from the employer outlining the situation fully.

They will be advised by return mail of the result of your application.

Upon receipt of jury summons an employee should immediately advise the employer of the impending jury service.

Can I be dismissed from my job for doing jury duty?

No, it is against the law for your employer to dismiss you or in any way disadvantage you for making yourself available for jury service.

An employer can be charged pursuant to the provisions of the Juries Act 2003 and upon conviction could be fined or imprisoned.

In addition the employer could be ordered to pay you a specified sum by way of reimbursement for the salary or wages lost by you and be ordered to reinstate you to your former position or a similar position.

If it is considered that it is impracticable to reinstate you, the employer may be ordered to pay you an amount of compensation not exceeding the amount of remuneration paid to you during the twelve months immediately before your dismissal.