Probate Rule 78 provides that the Registrar may not order the issue of a Grant whilst an effective caveat exists.

For information on the rules, forms and fees relating to caveats please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page and/or speak to a lawyer.

If you require a copy of a caveat please file a search request, the form is available on the Searches page.

Important information

A caveat runs for six months from the date it is entered, unless Probate Rules 2017 rule 80 applies.  (For more information see Part 11 of the Probate Rules 2017 and/or speak to a lawyer).

Once a caveat lapses, a grant may issue.

The Registry does not give notice that a caveat is about to lapse. The caveator is responsible for renewing a caveat if they wish to do so.

Current Caveats

SurnameGiven namesDate of caveat
AUKSORIUS Paul Peter 23/01/2017
BADGERJoyce Allison01/07/2019
BELLDavid Walter20/06/2019
BENNELLMargaret Anne23/08/2018
BOLTONGuida Pringle23/08/2011
BRISCOMBEBetty Mary Isobel11/07/2019
BUTTERS Brendan David07/12/2015
COOMBE Anne Barbara19/01/2015
COOPERMelanie Sarah12/07/2019
COTTAM-STARKEYGrace Daphne15/08/2019
DUGGANPhillip Craig02/05/2019
DUGGANPhillip Craig13/06/2019
GEE Elsa Clare16/06/2015
GRAYElizabeth Mary06/06/2019
HILL Terrence26/09/2014
JACKETT David Robert26/04/2012
JONESBrett John13/08/2019
LEECurtis Jamie12/09/2019
MANSELLBrian Murray01/07/2019
MANSELLBrian Murray05/03/2019
MARTINCharles Terrence23/08/2019
McCOYMichael Thomas22/12/2017
MILLERDoris Eva20/06/2019
O'DONNELLAlice Lorraine13/02/2018
PICKUP Harold08/03/2016
PITTMANPhillip Andrew16/08/2019
RIDGE Carl Bradley29/09/2015
SINCLAIRLeonard John29/05/2019
STEPIEN Henryk 06/01/2015
SULLIVANDeborah Jane12/04/2019
STEERSHenry William07/06/2019
STOMMAndre Michael19/03/2019
TARGETT (also known as
Jillian Gaye05/07/2019
TERRYStephen Michael (also known as Michael Stephen)02/09/2019
TOWNSENDDavid Lester26/03/2019
TURNERAlbert James22/09/2017
VERSCHUURWillem Arnoldus11/07/2019
VORLICEK Irene 23/03/2015
WALKER Warren James 12/01/2009
WALKER Warren James 11/03/2009
WRANKMORE Shirley Isobel 07/05/2015