Costs Endorsed

Fees and Costs to be endorsed on documents (from 1 July 2022)

On Writs - The calculation of fees payable and costs claimable on writs for liquidated demands exceeding $50,000.00 filed on or after 1 July 2022

Individual & small corporation


Medium corporation


Large corporation


Filing fee payable on writ for service within or outside jurisdiction1037.002244.003340.50
Fees and Costs to be endorsed on writ within jurisdiction 1346.002553.003649.50
Fees and Costs to be endorsed on writ outside jurisdiction 1449.002656.003752.50
 Total fees and costs of signing judgment within jurisdiction 1426.80 2633.803730.50
 Total fees and costs on signing judgment outside jurisdiction 1529.80 2736.803833.30
 Garnishee and Judgment Summons   
 In respect of a debt not exceeding $50,000 234.00 234.00234.00
 In respect of a debt exceeding $50,000157.00157.00157.00
 Writ of execution   
 Where the amount of the debt does not exceed $50,000 77.50 77.5077.50
 Where the amount of the debt exceeds $50,000 112.00 112.00 112.00
 Applications under Section 146 of the Land Titles Act 1980   
Filing fee on Originating Application986.00986.00986.00
Costs 484.00 484.00 484.00