Litigation searches

Civil Litigation Searches


  • A litigation search provides the recipient with a certificate of the Supreme Court stating whether the name searched for is named in any current or past civil legal proceedings in the Supreme Court.
  • Litigation searches are only carried out for matters which have been commenced in the civil jurisdiction of the court. Matters on appeal are also included.
  • Please refer to the Court’s Filing Fees page for the cost of conducting a litigation search.


  • Send your search request by email to
  • State the name/s of the individuals or entities to be searched.
  • If the name to be searched is a company, give the ACN if you have it. Note ACN numbers can be searched as a single entity, without a name.
  • The exact name you provide will be searched.       Variations on a name will be searched and charged as a separate request. E.g. John Smith Pty Ltd; J Smith Pty Ltd; John S Pty Ltd; John Smith Nominees Pty Ltd will be separate searches.
  • Wildcard/keyword searches can be accommodated however you must specifically state the names to be searched as a wildcard/keyword search.
  • State the payment method for the search: credit card, electronic transfer or cheque.
  • If payment is by credit card provide details in the email instructions. If payment details are not provided the Registry will contact you by phone to arrange payment. Please include a contact number.
  • If payment is made by electronic transfer, a remittance advice must be sent to
  • A certificate of the results will be provided even if there are no results for the name searched.
  • If you are requesting a search for the first time and are intending to pay by cheque or electronic transfer, please allow at least one week for an account to be created. Alternatively, you can provide credit card details on the first occasion and advise that in future you will pay by cheque or electronic transfer by which time an account will have been created.