The Supreme Court produces a variety of publications which are freely available to anyone wanting to understand the operations of the court.

The Chief Justice publishes an Annual Report which is tabled in Parliament in November each year.

The judges of the Court publish Practice Directions which provide information on procedural matters to help  practitioners and those appearing in court understand what is required. An example is the Practice Direction on Lists of Authorities which details

  • the material that the Court requires practitioners to produce; and
  • the material that the Court will provide.

The Registrar of the Court issues Circulars to practitioners which provide information on special events in the court calendar, information on fees and instructions on court processes.

Pamphlets on the Supreme Court and the Jury are also available on request. In March 2015 the Court published three videos relating to Jury Service, which can be viewed below.

Selected speeches by Judges are also published on the Speeches and Articles page.