Supreme Court of Tasmania


This page contains a list of the current caveats entered in the Probate Registry.

Probate Rule 78 provides that the Registrar may not order the issue of a Grant whilst an effective caveat exists.

For information on the rules, forms and fees relating to caveats please visit the Resources page and/or speak to a lawyer.

If you require a copy of a caveat please file a search request, the form is available on the Searches page.

Important information

A caveat runs for six months from the date it is entered (unless the Registrar gives notice to the caveator under Probate Rule 80.  For more information see Part 11 of the Probate Rules 2017 and/or speak to a lawyer).

Once a caveat lapses, a grant may issue.

The Registry does not give notice that a caveat is about to lapse. The caveator is responsible for renewing a caveat if they wish to do so.

List of current caveats

SurnameGiven namesDate of caveat
ATTRILLBarbara Mary09/03/2018
AUKSORIUS Paul Peter 23/01/2017
BARNESErnest Ronald23/02/2018
BOLTONGuida Pringle23/08/2011
BONCHERJudith Anne18/06/2018
BUTTERS Brendan David07/12/2015
COLRAIN Rebekah Elizabeth 01/09/2017
COOMBE Anne Barbara19/01/2015
ELLIS David Rodney 02/08/2017
GEE Elsa Clare 16/06/2015
GILLIESBetty Dawn28/05/2018
HAMILTONBetty Winifred28/05/2018
HARRIS Robert Julian 07/01/2015
HILL Terrence 26/09/2014
JACKETT David Robert 26/04/2012
JOHNS Richard Michael 13/06/2017
KLINELeonard Terence05/07/2018
KLINELeonard Terence16/07/2018
McCOYMichael Thomas22/12/2017
MELLORMichael Alfred04/05/2018
MILLERDoris Eva26/06/2018
MONACHETTI Mario17/08/2017
NICHOLSONLois Mary28/06/2017
O'DONNELLAlice Lorraine13/02/2018
PAGEMichael Ashton09/02/2018
PICKUP Harold 08/03/2016
PREECE Trevor William23/08/2017
RIDGE Carl Bradley29/09/2015
RUSSELLBarry Joseph15/12/2017
STEPIEN Henryk 06/01/2015
SULLIVANDeborah Jane13/04/2018
STEERSHenry William22/06/2018
TURNERAlbert James22/09/2017
VORLICEK Irene 23/03/2015
WALKER Warren James 12/01/2009
WALKER Warren James 11/03/2009
WRANKMORE Shirley Isobel 07/05/2015