Hobart contacts

Postal address

GPO Box 167

Hobart 7001

Telephone numbers

Registrar and Deputy Registrar6165 7451
Civil Registry6165 7459
Court of Appeal Listings6165 7458
Criminal Registry6165 7468
Jury Enquiries6165 7466
Sheriff's Office6165 7466
Probate Registry6165 7456
Associate to Chief Justice Blow6165 7429
Associate to Justice Wood6165 7429
Associate to Justice Estcourt6165 7429
Associate to Justice Pearce6165 7429
Associate to Justice Brett6165 7429
Associate to Justice Geason6165 7429
Associate to Associate Justice Holt6165 7429
Associate to Acting Judges6165 7429



Associate Judge listingsAssociateJudgeList@supremecourt.tas.gov.au
Associate to Blow CJChambersChiefJustice@supremecourt.tas.gov.au
Associate to Wood JChambersWoodJ@supremecourt.tas.gov.au
Associate to Estcourt JChambersEstcourtJ@supremecourt.tas.gov.au
Associate to Pearce JChambersPearceJ@supremecourt.tas.gov.au
Associate to Brett JChambersBrettJ@supremecourt.tas.gov.au
Associate to Geason J ChambersGeasonJ@supremecourt.tas.gov.au
Associate to Acting Judges Martin, Marshall and PorterChambersActingJudges@supremecourt.tas.gov.au