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On 1 January 2006 the Juries Act 2003 came into force and repealed the Jury Act 1899. The information on the Jurors pages of this site has been rewritten to reflect the changes brought in by the new Act.

The jury is an important and integral part of the Judicial System and provides the link between the community and the Criminal Justice System.

Jury service is a vital component of civic participation in our democracy and for many people is the most direct contact they will have with this important community function.

The jury database is sourced from the Electoral Roll maintained by the Tasmanian Electoral Office, with jurors being selected at random by computer.

A criminal jury is a group of twelve people randomly chosen to decide if an accused person is guilty or not guilty of a crime. If the trial is a lengthy one, up to two reserve jurors may be sworn.

A civil jury is a group of seven people randomly chosen to decide liability in a civil case and in some cases assess damages. If the trial is a lengthy one up to two reserve jurors may be sworn.

The authorities for trial by jury are contained in the following legislation:-

This section of the Court's web site provides specific information on:

There is also information on the history of the jury process, a Jury Pamphlet that can be downloaded and three videos showing what happens when Coming to Court, how the Jury Selection Process operates and how to claim Expenses for Jury Service. If you would like to print the Jury Pamphlet, once it is downloaded, choose "Print on both sides", then "Flip on short edge" to ensure it prints correctly.