Supreme Court of Tasmania

Supreme Court of Tasmania

Roll of Australian Lawyers (Tasmania)

The Supreme Court maintains a register (called the "Roll of Practitioners") containing details of all Australian lawyers who have been admitted to practice in Tasmania. It includes all solicitors, barristers, Queen's Counsel and Senior Counsel.

Download: Roll of Practitioners (from 1831 to date)

There are three worksheets available in the spreadsheet - the first one is for legal practitioners (barristers and solicitors), the second one for Queens' Counsel, and the third for Senior Counsel. Tabs to the different tables appear at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

1824 - 1831
For information about legal practitioners admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of Van Diemen's Land for the years 1824-1831 see Early Practitioners of Van Diemen's Land (last amended 25 November 2013). Many of these practitioners were admitted for a second time on 26 September 1831.