Supreme Court of Tasmania

Speeches - The Honourable Chief Justice Peter Underwood AO

Speech at the Ceremonial Sitting of the Supreme Court of Tasmania to mark the retirement of the Chief Justice, the Honourable Peter Underwood AO on 28 March 2008

"National Judicial Sentencing Conference 7-9 February 2008 - Introduction", Canberra

"Sir Valentine Fleming by Dr Michael Bennett AM - Book Launch" in Hobart on 3 December 2007

"Admission of Practitioners to the Supreme Court of Tasmania" in Hobart on 10 August 2007

"Speech to the Tasmanian Women Lawyers Association" in Hobart on 19 July 2007 

"Alternative Dispute Resolution as a Judicial Tool: a comment" delivered to the Seventh Worldwide Common Law Conference in London in April 2007

"Speech to the Bench and Bar Dinner" in Hobart on 31 March 2007

"Speech to the Tasmanian Bar Association Convention", held at Strahn on 4 November 2006

"It's safe to go out into the playground now", speech to the Australian and New Zealand Education Law Association, Hobart, 5 October 2006.

"Independence of Tribunals" Hobart 18 September 2006

"Admission of Legal Practitioners"  Hobart, 11 August 2006

"Speech on the Opening of the Australasian Curriculum Assessment & Certification Authorities Annual Conference - 2006"  Hobart,  27 July 2006

"Speech to the Tasmanian Law Society Dinner" Hobart, 13 May 2006

"Conference of South Pacific Council of Youth and Children's Courts" Hobart,  4 April 2006

"Graduation Parade for Trainee Course 2/2005" 2nd December 2005" Police Academy, Rokeby, Tasmania

"The Trial Process: Does one size fit all?", Speech delivered to the Australian Insurance Law Association on Thursday 10 November 2005, now published in the Journal of Judicial Administration (2005) 15 JJA 165

"Appointment as Chief Justice", Supreme Court of Tasmania Special Sitting, 2 December 2004

"Farewell to the Chief Justice William John Ellis Cox", Supreme Court of Tasmania Special Sitting, 26 November 2004

"Educating Judges" speech to the Judicial College, 2004, now published in The Judicial Review (2006) 7 TJR 423

"Is Ms Donoghue's Snail in Mortal Peril?" (2004) 12 Torts Law Journal 39

"Negligence and Foreseeability - Doctrine of Law or Public Policy?" (1999) 8 Australian Insurance Law Bulletin 73 and 85