Courts Tasmania




No. 5 of 2005 1 February 2005

This Circular to Practitioners replaces 9/2004; and is replaced by 2/2013


The Schedule of Fees provides that $300 is payable on the appointment of a mediation if the mediator is an employee of or otherwise engaged by the Supreme Court.

The rationale behind the fee being payable on booking is to avoid late cancellations. The fee will therefore not be refunded or transferred to another booking unless the cancellation is made within 14 days or, alternatively, the reason for the cancellation would not have been known at the time the appointment was made.

No additional fee is payable for adjourned conferences that have been adjourned by the mediator at the conference.

An invoice will be forwarded to all parties. It is the responsibility of parties to determine the proportions of the fee payable.

Because of the number of matters where fees have not been paid for mediations we have no other option but to cancel the mediation if the fee is not payable within three days of the date listed for the conference.