Supreme Court of Tasmania



No. 14 of 2011
5 December 2011

The Court is looking at ways to reduce the amount of paper it and practitioners use and using technology to make improvements generally.

Since the beginning of the year we have trialled emailing out Notices of Hearing. The trial, involving the emailing of Notices of Hearing to a small number of legal firms, has proved that this process is dependable and efficient.

As the process has worked well, the option of receiving Notices of Hearing electronically is being offered to all legal firms. It is not compulsory to receive Notices of Hearing electronically.

The following points outline the process:

  • One email address per firm/company:

Each firm/company will need to advise the Court of one email address. We suggest that a general or admin-type address be used as sending notices to a particular person can be problematic when that person is away.

  • All notices sent to that address:

All Notices of Hearing will be sent to that email address automatically from our civil registry system (CRMS) when any matter involving a practitioner from that firm is listed for hearing.

  • No change unless opt-in to electronic notices:

The change to electronic Notices will only affect those who opt-in. There will be no change made to the way Notices of Hearing are sent out to those firms who do not nominate to receive notices electronically.

  • No other format (for those who opt-in):

For those firms who elect to have notices sent electronically, the electronic Notice will be the only form in which the Notice is sent ie the Notice will not be faxed or sent in the post.

If you wish your office to receive Notices of Hearing electronically or if you have any queries, please email Mark Stagg at: Mr Stagg will acknowledge receipt, carry out a test to confirm that Notices are being received properly and provide further information about the commencement date.

E A Knight