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No. 3 of 2014                                                                     12 May 2014

Internet access via wi-fi (wireless) technology is now available in all court buildings of the Supreme Court in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie. The service allows court users free access to browse the internet, including access to web emails, and in some cases Government network resources.


Access to the public internet network will be available on request to lawyers, counsel and other regular professional visitors for defined periods (valid for up to 30 days maximum). Access is subject to users being issued with a password upon request.

The service is available in courtrooms, mediation rooms, and public areas of all court buildings.

While this service is being funded by the Supreme Court, it is provided through a third party contractor. Every endeavour will be made to ensure the service is available during standard registry hours, but the Court will not be responsible for any periods of unavailability.


To access the wi-fi service laptops or PDA devices will need to have wireless capability. The connection options should be automatically detected by your device.

·        Private Sector Lawyers’ login

The connection to the service for private lawyers and counsel is TasGov_Guests. This connection allows court users free access to browse the internet, including access to web emails.

·        Department of Justice Lawyers’ login

Department of Justice users, including Crown Law and court officers, will be able to obtain access to the Department of Justice network to access files and online resources. The connection is TasGov_DOJ. Each user in this category must be registered with Justice IT Services in advance in order to access the service.

·        Other Tasmanian Government Employees

Tasmanian government employees outside the Department of Justice may log on to either TasGov or TasGov_Internet. The TasGov connection will give access to the user’s department’s intranet and other internal resources. The TasGov_Internet connection is internet access only (no access to the user’s department’s intranet) for Tasmanian government employees. For both these connections the user must be approved and access must be arranged in advance by the user’s own Department.


Requests for password access should be directed to staff at the Registry counter in the relevant Court buildings. The password for TasGov_Guest users will expire approximately every 30 days.


It is recommended that users contact their own IT section or service provider in relation to their organisation’s security protocols prior to using this service.

Technical support

Court staff are not able to give technical assistance in relation to the wi-fi service. Please contact your own IT staff or service provider for technical assistance.

This Circular replaces Circulars 4/2010, 1/2013, 10/2013 and 20/2013.



JA Connolly