Supreme Court of Tasmania



No. 6 of 2013 26 March 2013

Due to the Swearings-In and Ceremonial Sittings being held on Monday 8 April 2013 to mark the occasion of the appointment of the Honourable Justice Blow as Chief Justice, and the appointment of Mr Stephen Estcourt QC as a Judge of the Supreme Court of Tasmania, alternative arrangements have been made for the listing of matters that day, being the first day of the third period of sittings.

Hobart Matters :

Judges Wood & Porter will sit in Courts 7 and 8 and split the Remand List between them (subject to Judge Porter dealing with a lower court appeal currently listed for 2.15 pm in Court 2). Prison remand videolinks will be conducted at 2.15pm. The only pleas to be listed in Hobart are those which can be dealt with between 2.15pm and 4pm. Wood J will be sitting in Court 7 for the entire sittings, and Porter J will sit in Court 8 for that day only. Estcourt J will then sit in crime in Court 8 as from Tuesday 9 April.

Launceston Matters :

Judge Evans will deal with Launceston Remands by video link from Court 3 in Hobart to Launceston at 10.00 am. The prison video link remands will be undertaken first at 10.00 am, followed by remandees in person at the Launceston Supreme Court. A bridged 3-way videolink will be arranged for the prison remands to link Evans J, the prison site, and the Launceston Supreme Court (for counsel). The Prison Service has arranged for all remandees in custody to appear by videolink from the Risdon Prison Complex (relocating from Hobart Reception Prison, Women’s Prison, and Medium/Minimum Security Prison) for a single videolink. Judge Evans will also deal with any first return date mentions of motions to review that are in the Associate Judge’s list in the morning on 8 April.

Burnie Matters :

Judge Tennent will be in Burnie to deal with the Remand List at 2.00 pm, and video link prison remands at 3.00 pm.

J A Connolly