Supreme Court of Tasmania

Supreme Court of Tasmania


The early history of the Office of Master in Van Diemen's Land, including the initial appointment of Joseph Hone in 1824, his resignation in 1836, his re-appointment in 1840 and the abolition the office by the Abolition of the Master Act is documented by the second person to hold the office, Cecil George Brettingham-Moore at [1963] UTasLawRw 5 

The office of Master was revived by the Supreme Court Act 1959 and permitted one person to be appointed both as Master and as Registrar.

Joseph Hone, Esq 1824-1851
Cecil George Brettingham-Moore, MC 1960-1984
Richard Carter Southee 1985-1999
Stephen James Holt 1999-2008*


* On 1 March 2008 the Title "Master" was changed to "Associate Judge"