Supreme Court of Tasmania

Supreme Court of Tasmania - Chief Justices

The Hon Stanley Burbury, KCMG, KCVO, KBE (1956-1973):

Stanley Burbury was born in Perth, Western Australia on 2 December 1909. He was educated at Hutchins School in Hobart and completed his LLB at the University of Tasmania in 1933. In 1934 Burbury was admitted to the Bar. As a lawyer he lectured at the Faculty of Law of the University of Tasmania and in 1950 he became Queen’s Counsel.

Burbury was appointed Solicitor-General for Tasmania in 1952. He was then appointed to the bench of the Supreme Court of Tasmania as Chief Justice in 1956. From 1967 to 1973 Burbury was the President of the National Heart Foundation of Australia.

Burbury remained Chief Justice until 1973 when, after having acted as Administrator for the State on three occasions, he became Governor of Tasmania. He was the first Governor of Tasmania who was born in Australia and the first Chief Justice to become Governor of Tasmania. Burbury was very popular in office, holding the position with dignity and throughout his nine years as Governor avoided any controversy. He retired from the position of Governor in 1982.

Burbury was awarded a number of imperial honours including KBE in 1958, KCVO in 1977 and KCMG in 1981. He was also a director of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. Burbury died on 24 April 1995 at Hobart. The University of Tasmania has a lecture theatre named after Stanley Burbury.