Supreme Court of Tasmania


Seals of the Court

Section 8 of the Supreme Court Act 1959 states that:

8. (1) In addition to the seal of the Supreme Court under the Charter of Justice, the Court shall have and use, as occasion may require, such other seals as are recommended by the Chief Justice and approved by the Attorney General.

   (2) The judges, or a majority of them, may make Rules of Court providing for and regulating the custody and use of any seal approved under subsection (1) and the purposes for, and occasions on which, any such seal may be used.

Rule 16 of the Supreme Court Rules 2000 state:

16. (1) The Principal Registrar, as the deputy of the Chief Justice, has custody of the seal of the Court.

   (2) The Principal Registrar is to ensure that the seal of the Court is kept safely when not in use.

Seal of district registry

Section 187(1)-(3) of the Supreme Court Civil Procedure Act 1932 sets out the procedure for District Registries:

187. (1) In every such district registry there shall be kept and used as occasion requires such seal as the Chief Justice shall direct.

   (2) Such seal shall be kept in such custody as the Chief Justice shall direct.

   (3) Such seal shall be impressed on every writ and other document issued out of, or filed in, such district registry, and all exemplifications and copies of any such document purporting to be sealed with the seal of any such district registry shall be received in evidence without further proof thereof.