Supreme Court of Tasmania

Current Applications

The Probate Registry deals with thousands of applications for Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration each year. Before contacting the Probate Registry regarding the progress of a current application please read the guidelines below to find out what information you may be entitled to.

If you believe you are entitled to information regarding a current application you can email an enquiry to the Probate Registry or telephone the Registry on 1300 664608.


The Registry can provide a beneficiary with:

  • confirmation that an application has been received;
  • the name of the applicant and/or lawyer acting;
  • a general estimate of the average time it takes an application to process, noting that this time frame is subject to the complexity of the application and any issues which warrant the Registry making further enquiries with the applicant;
  • confirmation that a Grant has issued;
  • search request forms (for more information please go to the Searches page)

If a beneficiary would like to know why a Grant is necessary they should refer to the Probate and Administration page of our website. If a beneficiary would like to know why there is a delay in a Grant issuing they should discuss this directly with:

  • the applicant;
  • the applicant’s lawyer, or if need be;
  • the Law Society or Legal Profession Board.

Applicant /Applicant's lawyer

The Registry can provide Applicants (or their lawyer – as recorded on file) with as much information as is required to answer their question, for example all the information that can be provided to a beneficiary, plus:

  • the date the application was received;
  • details pertaining to a requisition etc.;
  • provide a general estimate of when a Grant may issue;
  • when/if the filing fee was paid.

Lawyer (not representing the Applicant)

The Registry can provide a lawyer (not representing the applicant) with the information they would typically provide to a beneficiary.