Supreme Court of Tasmania


In May 2000 the new Supreme Court Rules adopted mediation as part of the civil litigation process. Under the Supreme Court Rules Part 20, a judge is able to direct parties to attend a mediation. Parties may also voluntarily participate in mediation.

Mediation conferences are conducted by:

  • Jim Connolly, Registrar
  • Penelope Ikedife, Deputy Registrar
  • Brendan McManus, Assistant Deputy Registrar
  • Alan Parrott, Senior Administration Officer
  • Chris Nason, District Registrar
  • Ian Ritchard, private mediator
  • Geoff Pickard, private mediator

All mediators regularly travel to district registries in other regions of the State to ensure that each Court Registry has mediation services available.

There is a fee (currently $500) for each Conference, usually shared equally between the parties.

Scheduled mediation conference dates, and all booking requested should be made by emailing the Court at

Telephone - Hobart: 6165 7457;  Launceston: 6777 2875