Supreme Court of Tasmania

For the Media

Judges' Official Portrait Photographs

Members of the media are:

  • advised that a photo gallery of official portraits of current Judges of the Supreme Court of Tasmania is published below for their use;
  • encouraged to download these images and use them when illustration in a news article is appropriate;
  • advised that the modern convention is for Judges in Tasmania to be robed when sitting in both the criminal and civil jurisdiction, but to wear a wig only when sitting in the criminal jurisdiction.  Accordingly, two photos of each Judge are published in the website gallery; and
  • television and electronic media organisations are also advised that video file footage of the Judges is available on request from ABC News in Hobart on a pooled basis.

Civil Sittings
Criminal Sittings
Chief Justice Alan Blow OAM                  Chief Justice - Civil CourtChief Justice - Criminal Court
Justice Shan Tennent Justice Tennent - Civil CourtJustice Tennent - Criminal Court
Justice Helen Wood Wood J Civil Wood J Criminal
Justice Stephen Estcourt Justice Estcourt - Civil CourtJustice Estcourt - Criminal Court
Justice Robert Pearce Justice Pearce - Civil CourtJustice Pearce - Criminal Court
Justice Michael BrettBrett J civilBrett J Criminal